Andreas Tobias was born in the winter of 1984 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria. He left his village at the age of 16 and starred in a television series in Hamburg. Right after that he desired to become a stage actor and promptly achieved a main part in a classic theatre play at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg. In the same year he completed his A-levels. After a while at the renowned Schauspielhaus he signed up as a steady member at the Münchner Volkstheater. Here he was able to improve his acting skills. Also he directed plays for the youth club and starred in many more films as well as in audio plays.

During that period he managed to show some of his art work in small exhibitions. After finishing the shooting of the drama ‚Nanga Parbat‘ in which he played adventurer Reinhold Messners’ younger brother he briefly moved to Berlin and then later to Brussels for one year in order to study the French language.

In the European capital he began focusing on the craft of photography and developed a variety of producible light objects. After finishing his studies he found his current residence in Berlin Kreuzberg and dared to display his artistic work in serious exhibitions. For a year he was also writing articles for a foundation that pursues matters of sustainability. Now he works in voice acting, organizes exhibitions for other fellow artists, creates books and catalogues as well as podcasts. Video art is an additional field to be mentioned.

Undoubtedly you can call Andreas Tobias a self-educated person. He finds a strong interest in language, philosophy, sociology, psychology. spirituality, education, architecture (to mention a certain scope).

The starting point of his work as an artist is always light. His main emphasis lies on transcendency and the exploration of perception. Right now, as the artistic director, he is developing an exhibition on the subject of church asylum, which will take place in Munich in 2017. Of course several photographic projects, light object constructions are being executed simultaneously.

You wanne hear Andreas Tobias speaking English: click here.