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Andreas Tobias was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on December 6, 1984.

His acting debut took place on the stage of the “Kurtheater Garmisch-Partenkirchen” when he was 11 years old. He founded his own theater company while he was still a pupil at school and directed plays by Ionesco, among others.

Andreas Tobias has been in front of the camera on a regular basis since 2001. Primary small parts for “Bayerisches Fernsehen” iniated his desire to learn the art of acting from scratch. While still attending school he found an acting instructor, completed 2 years of education in acting and was promptly casted for the ARD mini series “Der Wunschbaum”.

He moved to Hamburg for a leading role in the ZDF series “Die Albertis” and also passed his final exams at a German Gymnasium there in 2005. In the same year he played the part of “Melchior” in Wedekind’s “Spring Awakening” at the “Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg”, where several other plays followed. During the theater season in 2006 Christian Stückl employed him at the “Münchner Volkstheater” where he could be seen performing the most diverse roles as a permanent member of that ensemble till 2009. In spite of his steady engagement at the theater Andreas Tobias was able to continue his work in front of the camera. He has acted in leading roles and in supporting parts in series as well as in documentaries and movies, e.g. the “Baader Meinhof Complex” or the alpine drama “Nanga Parbat”.

In 2010, after almost 10 years of acting, Andreas Tobias decided to take time off to move to Brussels and dedicate himself to the concentrated study of French at the university. Whilst his studies he nevertheless found time to appear in guest roles at the Munich Volkstheater on a regular basis. It was in 2011 during the theater production of “An Enemy of the people” that he returned to acting on a full time basis.

The art of lighting and lighting object, as well as photography continuously grew more in importance, next to acting. Andreas Tobias first exhibition titled “Vorsicht Zerbrechlich” took place in Munich in 2011, displaying an array of light objects. His first solo exhibition of Photography will take place towards to end of May 2013 in Berlin.

Andreas Tobias lives in Berlin.




2019 Mein Sohn cinema
  starring as physiotherapist director | Lena Stahl
2018 Racko – Ein Hund für alle Fälle tv mini series
  starring as Martin Lochner director | Uli Möller
2017 Backspin – Uganda docu-fiction
  starring as Dino director | Maximilian Moll
2016 Die Geschichte von der Geschichte short film
  starring as Mann director | Simon Solberg
2015 In your eyes short film
  starring as Marcel director | Philipp Goeser
2014 Um Himmels Willen tv-series
  starring as Daniel Steinberger director | Dennis Satin
2014 München 7 tv-series
  starring as Karl Fröhlich director | F. X. Bogner
2012 Bumpy Night short film
  starring as the blond guy director | Julie Kreuzer
2012 Der Bergdoktor tv-series
  starring as Tobias Kirchleitner director | Axel Barth
2011 Aproaching Distance short film
  starring as Max director | Simon Ruschmeyer
2011 Dans le jardin du nil  short film
  oder das Geschenk zum Misverständnis director | Sophie Kluge
  gueast appearance as Hotelboy  
2009 Nanga Parbat cinema
  starring as Günther Messner director | Joseph Vilsmaier
2009 Munich Bohème short film
  starring as Frede director | Benjamin Pfohl
2009 Franzi tv-series
  starring as Stofferl director | Matthias Kiefersauer
2008 Nachrichten aus der ideologischen Antike documentary
  – Marx / Eisenstein / Das Kapital director | Alexander Kluge
  various roles  
2007 The Baader Meinhof Complex cinema
  co-starring as Manfred director | Uli Edel
2006 The Other Possibility cinema
  co-starring as Kurt director | Asley Horner
2006 Notruf Hafenkante tv-series
  guest appearance as Thorsten Reiter director | Bodo Schwarz
2006 Ein Fall für Zwei (A case for two) tv-series
  guest appearance as Richard Leske director | Martin Gies
2005 König der Herzen tv-movie
  starring as Thomas Gschnitzer director | Helmut Förnbacher
2004 Die Albertis tv-series
  starring as Edward Alberti director | Thomas Hermann
2003 Die Albertis tv mini series
  starring as Edward Alberti director | Matthias Tiefenbacher
2003 Der Wunschbaum tv mini series
  co-starring as Max Senger director | Dietmar Klein
2002 Gewalt short film
  starring as Max director | Klaus Dieter Schuster


2012 The Schroffenstein Family by Heinrich von Kleist Kleistfestspiele 2012
  as Johann director | Johannes von Matuschka
2011 An Enemy of the people by Henrik Ibsen Theater Basel
  as Hovstad director | Simon Solberg
2009 Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Volkstheater München
  as the caterpillar, the duchess director | Bettina Bruinier
2008 Lilly Link oder Schwere Zeiten für die Rev … Volkstheater München
  as Amoz, Horst director | Philipp Jescheck
2008 Faust by Goethe Volkstheater München
  as Wagner, Mephistpheles director | Simon Solberg
2008 Michael Kohlhaas by Heinrich von Kleist Volkstheater München
  various roles director | Hanna Rudolph
2008 Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen Volkstheater München
  as Der Krumme,
Begriffenfeldt, Passagier,
director | Christian Stückl
  Der Magere, Knopfgiesser  
2007 Schilf by Juli Zeh (world premiere) Volkstheater München
  as Oskar director | Bettina Bruinier
2007 Don Karlos by Friedrich Schiller Volkstheater München
  various roles director | Christian Stückl
2007 The Celebration (Festen) by Thomas Vinterberg Volkstheater München
  as Michael director | Jorinde Dröse
2007 Baal by Bertolt Brecht Volkstheater München
  various roles director | Hans Neuenfels
2006 Woyzeck by Georg Buechner Volkstheater München
  as Marktschreier director | Christian Stückl
2006 Shopping and Fucking by Mark Ravenhill Theaterfabrik Hamburg
  as Marc director | Nils Daniel Finckh
2006 Andorra by Max Frisch Schauspielhaus Hamburg
  as Geselle director | Tina Lanik
2005 Die Übersetzung des Herzens by Michael Müller Schauspielhaus Hamburg
  as Cakoto director | Michael Müller
2005 Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind Schauspielhaus Hamburg
  as Melchior director | Nils Daniel Finckh

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